31st October – 13th November, 2015

TakeControl 100x100cmMixMedOnCanvas
Exhibition opening, Saturday 31st of October 15.00-20.00
Galleri Konstart, Hökens gata 11, T-stn Slussen, Stockholm

RSVP: jessicamihai@konstart.eu


Where does our mind go when we are distracted? And if most of us are constantly distracted, where are we really? In his first European solo show entitled Elsewhere, Yusk Imai explores the devastating effects of being everywhere besides where we really are.  His new series of original works confronts our reluctance to engage in a meaningful way with our environments and eachother, begging the question of why we seem so prone to being in a chronic state of escapism and what it is we are running from.

After the highly successful Oblivion series at Backwoods Gallery, Yusk decided to expand on similar concepts in developing Elsewhere. “Oblivion series was based on the dictionary description of the word, one in particular: `a state of forgetfulness or distraction.´ I feel like “Elsewhere” is an extension of it because to be in any state, you must be in it somewhere.” The dense symbolism of his works sheds light on the root causes and consequences of the isolation and distraction that Elsewhere seeks to explore, employing visual imagery that conjures a raw portrait of the circumstances that can lead to these cycles of desperation.

Despite his critical stance on distraction, the messages behind Elsewhere are not entirely negative. Behind the grit and turmoil, the viewer can detect signs pointing to a place beyond the mental clutter; his works contain some not so subtle references to death, sexuality and transformation of all kinds. With these juxtapositions at the core of his creative process, Yusk provides us with some insight as to how they are connected to the themes of Elsewhere: “I believe death, sexuality, transformation and fragmentation are part of a main group of pillars in our existence and I see them as related to Elsewhere because these pillars must be explored in order to reach higher self-awareness and perception, minimizing the chances of being mischieviously distracted.

I also believe in one form of distraction, the conscious one, and only for short periods of time. In distraction you find a type of happiness that comes with immense pleasure and is absolutely comfortable, but builds into absolutely nothing. And that is where fear comes in, we are afraid to let go of this safe and comfortable state, and face whats really important, ourselves.” And that, if anything, is worth our full and undivided attention.

– Steve Vielbig, Scribe

 YUSK IMAI is born in Chicago, USA 1982. His father is from Japan & mother from Brazil. He grew up in Sao Paulo since he was 1 years old. Yusk Imai originate from the Brazilian street art sceene and has had several succesful exhibitions worldwide (Europe, U.S.A, Australia & South America) since 2007.

Some words from the artist:
” I’d like to say a special thanks to Diego Imai, Ricardo D’avilla, Daigo Hanada, Robert Krienke, Sebastian Pitchmayer and Tamara Wewerka, who have played important roles in my life during my residency in Berlin and the 70 days I’ve stayed isolated to work on Elsewhere in the German countryside.

Elsewhere is a relatively small collection of works, but I am very satisfied with it. Steve Vielbig from Scribe put up a marvellous text introducing “Elsewhere” conceptual approach after a few exchanges with me on the matter, which you can read in the following page.

The Exhibition opens October 31st 2015, in Stockholm Sweden, it was made possible by a collaboration between Scribe & Konstart Gallery. If you have any questions or interest regarding any of the pieces, don’t hesitate to contact me at hello@imaiyusk.com – or write directly to Jessica at jessicamihai@konstart.eu

I sincerly hope you enjoy the pieces and I hope to see you around sometime.
Much love,
Yusk ”


Exhibition period
: 31st October – 13th November 2015
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 12:00-19:00, Saturday 12:00-17:00, Sunday – closed