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Welcome to our art shop! Visit our webshop here!

Here you will find art books, original art, rare prints, posters, photos, sculptures from selected Scandinavian artists. Various art forms but main focus on urban/graffiti/street art.


Konstart is an art gallery, shop and studio located in center of Stockholm, Sweden.

We arrange exhibitions regulary within different art forms. Main focus on Scandinavian art.
Some of the artists we have exhibited and have in our art shop is:

BATES (Den), Ikaroz, EGS (Fin), Mttias Bäcklin, Cecilia Haupt, Jenny Palén,
Pablo Delgado (Mex), Niki Cash, Peter Jeppson, Mikael Reuter, Juan Cano, KURIR PUBBS,
Linda Skoglund, PA Trexin, Anton Wiraeus,
Rickard Falk, Yvonne Pettersson, Lajozz,
Martin Aalykke Kristiansen,  ATOM, Siv Varhaugvik, Anna A Forsberg, KAOS, Fredrik Beckman, Marcela Cubura, Erik Stenbacka  and more.


IMG_5943We also have studio available for painting events for example bachelorette parties, team-building, kick-off, kids birthday parties. No previous knowledge is needed, we start with some inspiring painting excercise together often to music and all work material is included. This type of event is not a course, just a funny and creative session.

If you want to learn a specific style or technique it’s possible to book some of our artists for workshops where you will be able to  try and learn more about the artists specific technique and style.


Welcome to us, we love art !

Visiting & postal address:
Hökens gata 11
116 46 Stockholm

+46 8 6431344